My Dog in the car

Can anyone tell me if it is legal or not to drive a Mk1 with a dog in the passengers seat with a dog harness on. If I don’t get out for a drive in the countryside soon I can see me getting a divorce in 3 months time, after being cooped up with my wife for so long…

If the dog is secured and cannot escape the car or distract you from driving, then OK.

Later MX5s (eg my NC) have an ISO-fix compatible seat on passenger side, and there is a wide range of ISO-fix dog harnesses and leads etc.

If using only a single lead harness, this should attach to the ISO-fix loop nearest the door to help keep the dog away from the driver.

Thank you for your reply, RichrdFX. All I need to do now is to get an appropriate dog harness .

If its any help, look up Bergan dog harness, I think they sell these dog travelling harnesses on Amazon.

thank You Bosley I will check it out.