my latest 5


new to me mk3 nc…2 litre option pack inc A/C and leather

just needs a good fettle.

start the fettling…





stainless exhaust picked up for £50…bargains



wheels + tyres ,  delivered £130 …more bargains 

calipers n dust cowl painted red


Great looking car. Like what’s been done to the wheels. Is that the dust covers that’s been painted red or the disk edges?

disc dust covers painted same as calipers

skuttle grommets done as precaution


ptr back box swapped out for cobra race system,



needed a fettle…

Loving the car…can’t go wrong with black and red!

So true 



I agree 

Very nice car


new serpentine belt , idler bearing and tensioner bearing fitted due to loud ticking/clacking noise ( almost diesel sounding ) coming from engine…


new MINTEX  pads , discs and slide pin kit fitted to front.

engine oil , filter , gearbox oil ( in garage ) , diff oil , all ready to change…

engine bay fettling or faffing.


It’s a clean machine.