My Mk2.5 1.8 Sport

Ah,…, the Larne ferry. Its a long time since I enjoyed that trip. Used to love the run to Scotland and the mini cinema on board! My entire family moved to your side of the Irish Sea. My parents retired to Kirkcaldy along with one sister. My eldest sister has lived in Edinburgh for almost 40 years now! Some great road over your way.

For me here, I’m mid Ulster. I can take off the A roads within 5 minutes of home and be on B roads for hours with minimal traffic. Since getting my 5 back on the road, I took it out almost daily for 30 minute therapy sessions! Haven’t enjoyed driving as much since my biking days (I peaked with a Honda Fireblade 929RR which was just sublime on these roads but held obvious risks!).

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Thanks for the posts Johnny, its great to see someone doing such work to make a great 5 and especially doing it properly.

I bet you didn’t want to get the car dirty after the detailing though…

The ceramic coating is like teflon… so honestly I wasn’t too worried. A rinse with water and it gleamed! I’ve just made sure that as soon as salting started here on the roads, I SORN’d the car. Its tucked away in the garage with the oil fired boiler at its nose and a dehumidifier running to keep things bone dry!

I have ordered a new ND and am going to get it all undersealed/waxoiled as soon as I get it.

I have swapped a golf GTI daily driver and an NA that I would have had to do what you did to your car to be really happy with and decided against it. I will use the ND everyday as it was a pain only getting the NA out of the garage a few times as space was at a premium on the drive.

I think I will also get it ceramic coated at the same time as I like a clean car and the ceramic finish will help…

Here’s some “in progress” pictures of the ceramic coating process from Bluehill Detailing :

mmmm a big involved job then - any idea how much the ceramic coating alone was?

I got a price for a friend on an Audi A5.Coatings start at £120 for the basic but the one I had done is a professional grade which starts at £175 and +£50 for an extra layer.

Minor paint correction process was quoted as £350 for the A5.

Thats not too bad, thanks.