My MX5 NA, looks abit drunk! pop up light problem

  1. My model of MX-5 is: MK1
  2. I’m based near: Exeter

Hi All, Got an interesting issue I don’t see come up often…

My headlights work fine, no issues popping up or down!
But, when I use the manual adjustment red nobs under the Bonet, I can’t adjust them to the same low level, the passenger side light settles quite high which makes me look like I have high beam on!

The driver side light, I can adjust as low as I want to, when I want to adjust the passenger side light, the motor fights back, and won’t let me lower it anymore!

The end result is one light poking up higher than the other, and a car that looks like its had one to many!
The bad point is I get flashed a lot in the dark, and it looks like I have full beam on only on the passenger side though.
I have been taking the 30AMP fuse out so I can manually adjust both with out a fight but I want to sort this properly.

HOW can I adjust the passenger side light with out it fighting back or reseting!

Thanks for any help.

It sounds like the crank arm from the motor has slipped

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Thanks Rich, I didn’t know it could slip, that’s why I didn’t look at it!
How would I go about fixing it?

Hi, I thought the red knobs on the motors were to allow the headlights to be raised in the event of a motor failure, not for adjusting the beam alignment. Isn’t that done using the headlight alignment screws?
Dave :smiley:

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There is an adjustable stop so the headlight sits against it and doesn’t rattle when up. If the crank has slipped it stops at the wrong point. If both are raising the same amount and are in the correct place when down it is adjustment of the unit required. The Headlight is adjustable within it’s shell, to get to these you remove the black headlamp surround.

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Hi Dave, looking into it, I see you’re right! I didn’t know about these screws till now so never saw another way! :joy::+1:

Thanks, you have been very helpful!
I will get this fixed with you’re advice! :blush:

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