My new MK3.

After 16 years of Mk1 ownership, I have just purchased my 2nd ever MX-5 in the shape of a Galaxy Grey Mk3 2.0 Sport.
I’ve not had it a week yet, but am absolutely loving it so far. In my opinion i’m already preferring it over the Mk1 already.

I looked at a couple of ropey ones first before finding this very solid example.
After looking through the books etc it appears it used to belong to an owners club member as there’s a member suggestion card in there.

I’m well chuffed that it’s already been lowered using Eibach springs and the geometry set up.
Here’s to hoping I have half as much fun in this one as I did the Mk1.

Unfortunately the Mk1 will be up for sale within the next 24hrs so I can get this one in the garage where it belongs.

Looks good Cool

Great choice and colour


Remember to keep the oil topped up!

One of my favourite colours.

Thankfully also devoid of the rot-trap skirts.