NA electric window strip down / refurbish article from ST/HT

Hi all,

It’s been a while….

It’s also that time I’ve finally decided to get around to stripping the electric windows (both) on our NA as stuck / unresponsive – suspect cables broken.

I’ve got a copy of Soft Top Hard Top from April 2014 with an article by Robbie Marsh explaining the electrical window regulator refresh, but I’ve only just opened it to read what parts I need to order, and the article states “This guide assumes that the window mechanism is already on the work bench, removal of the unit from the door will be covered in a future issue”.

Ah. I only kept this issue as thought is covered everything! Anyone got a thorough photo walk-through guide from removal from door, strip down & what parts I’ll need? Or even a scan / photo of this other article?




Let me know how you get on. I have the a similar issue and am unsure if I should attempt to fix myself or let the local garage loose on them.





You might want to see if you can buy/borrow a copy of Paul Hardiman’s Mazda MX5 Renovation Manual.  It has a section in their on what you’re looking for.

I did one recently and it needed three tries.

We stripped it and a cable had broken so we ordered two cables and a pulley.

The next time we put on the wires and twisted them took ages to work that out so no use.

The next time we bought a second hand working unit but ran out of time as the persons dog was at home and needed let out.

Finished it the final time, the routing and clipping of the cables is important.

It is a crap job, I would get someone else to do it.

The front guides for the window need silicone grease.

The others need the old multipurpose grease cleaned and removed and new grease put in.

You need the door cards off each side.

Yeah, thought is was a messy, crappy job - which is why I’ve put it off for years. Time to put a call in to Sam Goodwin - am sure they’ll do it…

Correct get them to do it.

I would always encourage restoration/refurbishment but with electric window mechs you pay the same price for the opportunity to struggle with repair parts as it costs to buy a good secondhand original mechanism.

Buy a used mech, service it if not already done, clean runners and lubricate with silicone spray and clean glass.