NA Unidentified Random Plastic Trim Parts - any ideas?

Hello these two parts;
I think they’re for the MK1 MX-5;

I don’t know what they are or where they go.
They are a mirror image of each other.
Any thoughts to where they might belong?
I cannot see any obvious spaces from where they’re missing…

Any ideas/ guesses welcome!

How big are they?
Maybe take another picture with something next to them to give an idea of scale.
Looks like a piece of trim from the patterning on them.

Where did you find them?

They look like the weathershield strip clips…top of door.

Any number moulded into the back? They don’t look like Mazda parts. Maybe some sort of aftermarket credit card holders?

My nc2 has something very similar to one of these integrated into the moulding on the inside of the cover to the cubbyhole between the seat backs

Hello, Thanks for all your suggestions!
Sorry to keep you all waiting, here are some more photos with a pound coin to give an idea of size/ scale…

I found them in a box in the garage…

There’s no part numbers whatsoever on the backs.

Aha weathershield clips! That could be it @Sonue
Not had that on it for years! I’ll have to install it and have a proper look…

I’ll get back when I’ve done some more investigating…

Just a thought, is yours a Eunos? Perhaps they are from the passenger footwell for the emergency flare that would have lived there, clipped to the side trim.