National Drive Out Day

A friend tells me that there’s a plan for a drive out, for all makes, to celebrate the end of lockdown, when/if that happens, does anyone know about this?

Sounds more like join the traffic jam day!


Or some Facebook nonsense.

Drive It Day happens every year, organised by the FBHVC and lots of Club members usually take part in the many local events that happen. This year its scheduled for 25 April so the date kinda fits.

But yeah, I fear those we have all forgotten what traffic is like over the last 12 months, and the final end of lockdown will see the start of gridlock!


25th April does NOT fit into the roadmap.

The roadmap is different according to which nation you live in.

For England the earliest any meeting of people can happen outside of 2 hourseholds is 17th May. It might be later than that, because it depends on case numbers and hospital admissions. Case numbers might be rising again in some parts of the country

Stage 3 is when you can say there is an “end” to lockdown. This will be no earlier than 21st June. I suspect it will move to the right, because there will be concerns about getting the second booster to Phae 1 adults (the over 50s). 21st June is about when the planned second boosters for that group will be completed. Vaccine supply is not improving, and there is a degree of uncertainty, so I would not be surprised stage 2 slips by a bit with a knock on to stage 3. For planning purposes, I would venture first week of July.

While pubs might be able to open from 12th April, I don’t think that should be taken as a green light for car clubs or groups to start meeting in pub carparks as part of a planned event.

Only one planned event has been submitted as a Drive it Day, and thats a Jaguar event at Bicester in July, which I know is a fenced venue where its more easy to control numbers. I don’t see how any organised car driving event can be legal (or wise) in April.

There are a number of car meets (cruises), nothing to do with the FBHVC, being organised, which seem to invite prosecution if they go ahead. Idiot organisers.
The Roadmap is different in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, but also more vague.