NB colour

Had the log book for my 03 mk2 today. Under colour it just said blue. It was advertised as being Midnight blue,the owners book that came with it says Supreme blue. Which,if either is correct??

Have a look at the drivers door shut or the boot. There should be a sticker there with the colour code on it. The colour of the car is not “what is correct” it is obtained from finding the paint code and identiying the colour from there.

You will also find that it is not unusual to have various descriptions of the colour based on the code especialy as both Ford and Mazda will use that same code, ssame paint with different names.

If you need paint buy the code.

I’ll have a look tomorrow. Thanks

My Mk 2.5 was first registered on 30th October 2002 and documented colour is, as yours, shown as blue. My local Mazda dealer checked the official
and confirmed the colour as supreme blue mica, code 22a. Suggest you take you registration document to your local dealer to confirm.

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From memory my paint code on a Mk2.5 is on a plate on the bulkhead under the bonnet. Just another place to check.

Some later cars dont have the white sticker on the door ,so as above chassis plate on bulkhead

Thanks for the tips. Whatever the proper name is,it’s a lovely colour (when clean). Hoping to give it a proper polish soon