NB handling

When I bought my car in April, it had 2 relatively new tyres on the front.(general altimax 1S) and pirelli P6000 on the rear.
One rear tyre was old, quite worn and had some cracking, the other was newer and had about 5mm tread.
Although the tyres were old, the cars handling was fine.
I replaced the rear tyres with new Avon zv tyres.
As it was raining the day they were fitted I drove the 2 miles back from the tyre centre and put the car in the garage…last night I took the car out and the handling seemes weird when cornering, kinda wallowy?

I checked the pressures this morning and the rears were 10psi over inflated.
I adjusted the pressures and it has helped a bit, but the car does still seem to wallow on the corners.
I know it’s best to have the same tyres all round, and that will happen eventually, but I’m confused as I’d expect with new tyres on the rear the handling would at least be as good if not better than with the old tyres.

Any thoughts on what’s happening here?

I’ve had problems with Avon tyres in the past on larger cars (Ford Granadas), they have pretty soft, flexible sidewalls. Great tyres in the dry but tend to aquaplane in the wet and not particularly good overall mileage. Mind you, his was 40/50 years ago and have never bought them since.

New tyres need to be “run in” for 100-200 miles (coated in release agent).


Quite a few members do use them on their MX’s with no issues other than they will likely start to crack before the tread has worn out.
They all say that the tyres are good in wet and dry conditions…

I wondered if it might be that.
I’ve now done about 100 miles on them, so will put another 70-100 miles on them before pushing them a bit harder…

I’ve also found Avons to aquaplane on a MX5, though that car was overtyred.

Tbh, I’m a fair weather MX5’er so car will rarely be out in the rain.
If I get caught in a shower I’d be extremely cautious anyway…

Just thought I’d update this thread.
Fitting new tyres on the rear did affect the handling.
I’ve since had a full 4 wheel alignment and set up done.
That has made a huge difference to the handling…