NB (probably) Buying Advice

Greetings fellow MX5ers

I had my first MX5 Mk1 a few years ago. Loved it to bits, until it started falling into bits and had to pass it on to someone who had the knowledge, and could afford to put her back together again.

Now I have a bit of cash (probably up to around £5000 or so) and having failed to persuade myself that a more “sensible” car would do, I’m on the lookout for my next MX5…

I’m thinking I might go for an NB this time, though could probably persuaded by the right NA. Even after much reading, I’m still not entirely sure what advantages an NC would offer but I guess that’s another option too. Not particularly looking for an investment, just a car that’s fun to drive and relatively reliable.

Given my past experience, and the nature of MX5’s generally, rust (and avoiding it) is my major concern and this time I want to try and do it right either by getting a car that has already been fully treated (undersealed, sills etc) or paying to have this done as soon as it comes into my ownership. Any recommendations as to what I should be looking for in terms of specific treatments (could be wrong but Dinitrol seems to get a lot of praise?) and/or proof that this has been done correctly? Or if not done already, how much I should be expecting to pay for the same?

If it’s not considered sacrilegious, I’d also really like to be able to get the car fitted with SatNav and an MP3 player so any advice on whether this is likely to be practical, approximate cost and also whether some models are better suited to this than others would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to carry out work on a car myself, which is why I want to ensure I have the budget to pay for someone else to do things properly if/when required (albeit hopefully not TOO often).

This will be my only, day to day car and although my overall annual mileage is relatively low, I do tend to make a few longer road trips each year.

Any thoughts/advice on the above or as to what I should be looking for (model, specification etc) would be very much appreciated and of course, if anyone has or knows of a car which might fit the bill, please do feel free to get in contact. (If it makes any difference, I live on the south coast of England, though would travel – within reason – for the right car.)

With many thanks in advance for any thoughts.

If you want a really clean NB this is worth a look in Wrotham Kent for £5995


The Indiana for sale on here must be worth a look

Remove any old underseal and paint.
Wire wheel the rust.
Threat with Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80. Two coats. Two days to cure.
Paint with Corralles glass reinforced paint, two coats. Overnight to dry.
Underseal with Raptor bed liner (which can be colour coded).
Remove interior. Treat all cavities with Bilt Hamber cavity protection wax.
Ensure drain holes are clear.

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Thank you… that would be pushing my budget a bit and not sure I could fall in love with yellow, but it does look good… shall ponder…

Thank you… there are many things I like about that one… again, shall ponder :wink:

Thank you… it all sounds so easy when you put it like that :wink:

Unfortunately, it’s just not a project I’d personally be capable of taking on although still useful info to know for reference and/or what to look out for/request.

That’s one of the cleanest NBs around, the average ones will be very rusty, unless you can find a summer use ‘garage queen’ for sale.

Also consider where you will keep the car, do you have a garage or car port? As leaving one outside all winter isn’t great, they all leak a bit and will frost up on the inside also lol.

You get what you pay for with Mx5’s and and all too often don’t get what you hoped for. :wink:
Never the less, Stonecold’s Classics prices are not for the faint hearted but their stuff seems in general terms absolutely top book condition wise.

Hello MsMX5, good luck in your search. I hope you find yourself a suitable NB (but then I’m a bit biased).
A couple of questions that popped into my mind was how long would you hope to keep the car and do you get attached to your cars?
£5K would buy a number of drivable NBs over time. Each one might not last more than a few years before they needed much more spending on them but if you don’t mind changing regularly then that need not be a problem.
Eventually you might have to begin upping the budget but that would be a few years away and you could possibly be on to an NC or even early ND by then.
Regarding the SatNav and ICE I imagine buying a new combined DIN sized head unit that slots straight in would be possible although I don’t run with a radio so don’t know for sure.
I think if I were in your shoes I might buy an NB for between £2-£3K, pocket the rest and sit on it until my car broke or needed too much spending on it then I’d pc the old one, put some more cash to it and get another one.
Hopefully that way you get enjoyable NB top down motoring for years to come.
Best of luck,

Hi Guy

Thank you and that’s actually some good food for thought.

I don’t know if I should admit it here but unfortunately I don’t currently have anywhere to garage a car so would feel a bit guilty about buying something too immaculate and being the one to expose it to the elements for the first time in its life :stuck_out_tongue:

As you say, buying a slightly cheaper model and keeping something in the budget in order to keep it going as long as possible might possibly make some sense.

Thanks again

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