NC 2.0 wiggle from back end

Morning All, I am now the proud owner of a 2007 NC 2.0 Sport in Silver which i picked up yesterday, such a fun car! It needs a few bits doing to it and after the drive home I noticed a strange sensation. At speed especially on the motorway when lifting off the throttle the back end seems to move slightly, a bit of a wiggle. Its particularly noticeble when going from full throttle to no throttle.

Is this a common problem or anything obviously wrong? I think the car does need an alignment as all the wheels are curbed but its unusually how its on and off the power that causes it even in a straight line.

Thanks in advance

Check the tyre pressures first. Then the alignment and the state of the tyres…do they match?


As Richard said, but does sound very strange, my car doesn’t do this, assuming I understand what you are saying.

If it was lower speed where transition from full power to zero power I would be questioning the diff (lsd on the 2.0) but at motorway speeds…? May also be a suspect shock absorber when the weight transfer happens, but again less noticeable at high speed I would have thought.

Check simple stuff first. First tyre pressures.
And bounce each corner and try to gauge if one is less damped than any others.

If you get it tracked it will cost between £50 and £150 depending on where you live and local labour rates, bear that in mind if you are thinking about other suspension changes that will require tracking doing again. Also be aware that it is likely some of the tracking bolts may be seized which will add to the cost if they need freeing or replaced. So if you are thinking about lowering, or renewing a damper, leave the tracking until last if possible.


As said, could be something to do with unmatched tyres.
It could also be related to different rates of wear in tyres that are otherwise matched
These cars have limited slip differentials that would be affected by tyres being of different diameter as one will be turning faster than the other.


Thank you for all of your advice! I have checked the pressures and no issues there. The rear tyres arent matching so I think i am going to treat the car to 4x Goodyear Eagles to try and fix the issue and get rid of the ditchfinders


Worth getting the alignment done at a specialist as well. Mines been so much better since Wheels in Motion set it up properly.


I think you will find your problems will be solved but just check the tyre pressures when you have the new boots fitted as the fitters tend to inflate to 35 to 39 psi and this will give you a very odd effect. Correct pressure is 29 psi normal driving.


Mismatched/old tyres is my bet. Had the same problem at start of year and it disappeared as soon as 4 new hoops were put on.

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Thanks all, very helpful! Getting them fitted tomorrow so will report back, garage said the car has been lowered but looks fine underneath I will post some pics once I have cleaned it

Check the date code on the tyres MX5’s tend to do low mileage and the tyres harden with age. Often they age before wearing out. The ones on mine did.
From my meagre experience with 5’s a good set of tyres, all the same make and type are a must.
Age, pressures, type then alignment I’d suggest.

Mine were low mileage all original Bridgestones but the handling was scary, in the wet it was downright dangerous, a new set of Pilot Sports and the change was stunning.


Hello all, just to let you know had the tyres changed today and the problem has gone completely. Car feels much nicer to drive now and much more grip I am sure in the wet this will be accentuated even more. Picture attached now she is clean!


Oops, mobile interface didn’t show the last message! So glad you’ve got it sorted!

Original message:

Adding my voice to those mentioning tyres. I had all kinds of handling issues on my nc2, and £100s spent on alignment didn’t help… And a Mazda dealer to take a look.

Until I took it to a local tyre garage and they told me a wheel was not sat on the rim quite right. £25 and the car handles like new!

I really hope you get it sorted, as I hate it when mine is less than perfect handling.

I had similar with my mk3 1.8 2006. Wandered around on the motorway at 70 ish (naturally),. one rear wheel was miles out of line. I went to my local specialist, but I think, if they are still doing it, Kwikfit do a free check, not sure of adjustment charge. Anyway it solved the problem