NC Carpet Removal

Hi Al

I’m.picking up a carpet set this weekend to replace the balding carpet in Jyu Jyu our Mk3.5.


Can anyone point to any detailed instructions on removing and replacing said carpet.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.







Hi Chaps,

I thought somebody would have done a carpet swap or interior strip…

Ah well…Seat Surgeons have quoted an extra £50 over the retrim price to fit the carpet…so all being well its sorted…

Then again Im off work for a couple of weeks soon so may have ago myself…



May I ask how much you paid for the new carpet?

We bought one from a 3k mile write off for £90…bit cheaper than Mazda…lol

We picked the carpet up on Sat morning, nice run over the Pennines in the XJ.

Carpet is mint, the existing one has a split by the footmat and a bald patch on the transmission tunnel.

All being well in Oct she will be booked in for a retrim at Seat Surgeons (Ivory with Red stitching) so I didnt want the carpet ruining the finished job.

Hope your happy with your purchase from Sgmotorsport, hopefully the doner car will be on the circuit next year.

Hi Gaz,

Very happy, nice meeting Steve and seeing the race car.

Only downside was on the way back we got to the Snake Inn at 11 and they only serve food from 12…Grrr

I saw some old dialogue over replacing or repairing a 'bald patch on the carpet lowdown on the transmission tunnel - 2011 MX-5.
Does anyone have any new advice on how to replace or preferably repair such a problem, recommending a Company who could do this as well.