NC clicking noise from rear on applying brakes

Hi all

On applying or “jabbing” the brakes on my 2007 2ltr NC there is a distinct metallic click heard from the rear, I think, nearside. Brakes are good. I took the sliders and pads out a day ago, cleaned and re greased all parts and re installed everything. Test drove her and the noise is still there. Either forward OR reverse motion. For what it’s worth, a new wheel bearing was fitted on that corner 3 months ago. Had a garage check it out but they say they can’t see anything untoward. I’m rather baffled now.

Anyone throw any light on this for me please?



Hi Dave,

You will probably find it the side plate fitting that slides onto the pads the tabs move a bit and the side plates rattle or click

just re-bend the tabs bit tighter over the pads a smear of copper grease in between them will help





Thanks Mark. But the plate fittings are tight fit enough. This sounds more than that to be honest.

How did you adjust the caliper pistons for gap when you put the calipers back onto the caliper carrier.

Well mine has started to do the same and I can’t find anything wrong either. i thought it was the rear droplinks, so had those replaced and the noise is still there. Need to get her up on a lift and have a good hoke around underneath. 

Hi Drumtochty

I didn’t touch the adjustment. Just slid the caliper off the pads, removed the pads, cleaned and greased everything properly, refitted the pads and then slid the caliper back in place. Was a nice tight fit to be honest. 


I do not have it handy but there is a clearance that needs set by turning in or out the piston to achieve that clearance between the piston and the pad backplate.

I had the same problem and it turned out to be from the front. Fitted a set of anti squeal shims and this solved it

My noise just started…no mechanical work of any kind done. Bloody annoying as it doesn’t happen every time I apply the brakes. 

On the NC brakes, never heard or even done that before and had them stripped many times?

Mick is correct.  No adjustment needed on the NC rear brakes themselves, assuming the handbrake cables are not stretched etc.  I did mine last year no problems. 

However when winding the piston back in to make room for the new pads there is expected to be a rotary motion and the correct compressing tool (with adaptor E) does this.

When the dealer did my front pads at a service/MOT they clicked afterwards; very, very gentle pressure the left first then the right, normal harder pressure simultaneous.  I find it reassuring in a way, because it suggests they are free to float and not seized on.  Three years later they still click.

Mine does it every now and then and I think I may have posted a query here before. After the last service it was all quiet for a couple of hundred miles but the occasional click or tap can be heard again now. I either put the roof down if it’s not raining or turn the radio up if it is.

Well I was at a car show last Saturday and speak8ng to a club member who runs tech days for the club. I mentioned my annoying clicking noise and he said immediately ‘brake pads need changing’. So today I had my mechanic change the rear pads and…the clicking is still there.   The only other thing to do is buy a shim kit for them and see if that makes a difference. 

Forgive me for asking what’s probably a silly question - but are you both absolutely sure that the noise is coming from the rear?

The reason I ask is that I had a very similar metallic clicking noise on mine, when stopping & setting off, last year which started immediately after a service.  Took it back to the garage who diagnosed front brake pad rattle, they decided to change the pads (originals, only about 1/3rd worn) but afterwards the noise was still there.

After further investigation they advised me that the bottom retaining bolts on both front dampers (damper to bottom wishbone bolts) had worked loose,  they said they’d tightened them up & the clicking noise immediately disappeared - it hasn’t occurred since.

Very strange because I’ve had the car from new & no work’s ever been done on the front suspension…

I’ll check that tomorrow…

Just a quick update from me - I pulled the rear brakes apart at the weekend and all was fine really so cleaned and copper slipped everything that should be lubed, put all back together and took for a test drive and the noise was still there!! ???..

So, underneath the rear nearside I got holding the link arms individually whilst my partner kept moving the car slightly and applying the handbrake and I could feel the “click” going through the lower lateral link arm where it fastens to the chassis. It appears the there is a very slight movement in the rubber bush there!!.. The outer end of the arm fastens to the bottom of the wheel assembly. That’s why it sounds like the noise is from the brake???


After a good hoke underneath her, I can find no play in any of the suspension arms. I called round to my mechanic and discussed the problem and he confirmed it is pads making the noise. So I’ve ordered a shim kit which hopefully will cure the annoyance and ill of course post the results. 


It was the slide pins that the calipers mount on too.  I replaced all the spring clips and on advice from my mechanic, removed the pins and packed them well with coppaslip. They are back to being silent and presumably, the pins had just dried out over the years. 

It’s red rubber grease you should be using on the slide pins, copper grease is ok for the contact points on brake shims/pads.