NC Drivers seat bolster refurb

Having looked at several NCs, one common issue seems to be wearing drivers seat bolsters, even on low mileage cars.

Does anyone have any advice on refurbing/repairing the seat bolster (assuming no rips/tears/holes)? Top tips, how to’s or vids would be interesting to see.

TVM :sunglasses:

I took mine to the local car upholsterer and he stitched a replacement panel in for £60

I’ve seen some talk about different dyes or coloured creams, are these any good?

Not really, only as a temporary fix, soon wears off. If black it’s probably cheaper to use black boot polish, achieves the same result.

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Yes, the stuff that comes in a little plastic bottle with a sponge applicator works for me.
It seems to beef up the leather a bit as well.

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Does boot polish get all over your clothes when using the car?

I have some wear on the drivers seat from getting in and out. If it was really worked in and then buffed, would one’s clothes remain clean?

If the seat is leather I have used this product very successfully. Applied 2 years ago to seat and leather steering wheel and it has not worn off yet.

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My seats are red and I’ve used a red colour balm on them. Apply and buff off, repeat a couple of times. It works but doesn’t last long. If you make sure you buff off around the area enough it never leaves any dye on clothes. I sometimes wear light coloured chinos and the wife white slacks, never any colour transfer.:+1:

I may give that product a try, thanks.

Excellent, thanks for the replies.

I still have my NA and it started to wear, on the seat where yours has, about eight years ago. As my wife and my self have always been of the “make do and mend” generation she suggested that she could darn it with coloured wool the same as the seat cloth was made of. It was such a success that it is still Okay. If you didn’t know it was repaired you couldn’t tell it was. If anyone doesn’t recognise the word darn it was what your grandmothers used to do to repair holes in woollen socks years ago.

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Best to let it dry first but I haven’t had any problems with the liquid stuff that soaks in and dries.
I’d be wary of the stuff in a flat tin though…