NC gone ! time for a ND

Hi folks sold my NC yesterday so am currently looking for a nice ND (not an RF) - I have about £13k to spend - think I would like a 2.0L (I like the bigger wheels) Colour - White/ Black/ Grey (prefer the white) what pitfalls should I be looking for ? ( I’m clueless on the oily bits) and finally I really like the red leather does anyone know when the red leather was introduced - thanks :grinning:

Have some nice low mileage cars.

I have a lovely ceramic white 1.5 with full body kit 17’ wheels and leather for 10k

…do not rule out the 1.5?..(some think it’s a nicer drive, I do after road testing both), although if you had the 2.0ltr NC you may miss the “grunt”?..

We had an NA, then a NB and for some reason we skipped the NC. Now had the ND for 18 months now and love it, (wish we could get out more!), only thing is the “lack” of interior space, which I guess you will notice more coming from the somewhat larger NC…whatever ND you get I am sure you will love it!

What year ? Mileage ? Do you have any pics

I got my 2018 ND2 in “Ceramic” back in July - Absolutely love it… Lots prefer the 1.5, but the revised 2.0 litre (181) engine is very good. To the best of my knowledge, they only did the 158bhp ones because the American market refused to have the 1.5 as the only choice…! For £13k I’d probably have a 1.5.

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I have 2x 1.5 in ceramic white, both done around 30k

Drop me a watsap for pics etc
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