NC/MK3 Air conditioning - what’s the dial like

Hiya again,

Still looking for NC/MK3 - 1.8 or 2.0 (not bothered on CC - but sposed to be a 1.8 as my 3.0 V6 TDi is a bit too heavy on tyres and fuel (tyres lasted 4k with the last lot of Toyo Proxies at the front)) - and I have the £300 set asite for the WIM jobbie.

But, well about the aircon (given up on my Aux heating question Confused) do all Air Con cars have the small AC on/off in the middle of the right hand dial for the heating controls?

 I’m asking as some clearly have it in the pictures in autotrader or eBay, but some do not, and the said some state that they do indeed have aircon… I really really want, ne, need the air conditioned over the winter months - the car will be my main car and parked on the road - at the mo, I generally only use air con for keeping the car dry / clearing the windows during inclement weather (please insert your own summer raining joke) Now, thats currently in a big car, so in a small wee thing with s wet and or sweaty people it will be essential - its my absolute No1 over mohair hood and LSD.

Now the cheeky bit - if you DO have air con or climate control and dont have the AC in the middle of your right hand dial, can you A, confirm its true, B, post a pic of the dial and air con compressor? Rolling eyes

I want to get the “right” MK3 for about 5.5 - 6.5K so please help

Ta, James

not only cant i upload a pic, i cant hid my failure by deleting these 2 posts - admin help - delete!

This will tell you how to post a picture.


 Mine is a 1.8 07 reg with air con and yes the r/h dial does press and light up. (sorry no pic’s). As you say some don’t have A/C.


 2007 Mk 3 2.0 with A/C.  I have checked the Owner’s Manual - it came with either Manual or Automatic A/C controls.  Both have the little A/C light on the right hand dial.  There does not seem to be another switch anywhere… I can check the sales brochure when I get home to see if A/C was an optional extra on other engine types.

 Good morning James, I have a 2009 Mk3 2.0 Ltr , it did not have an AC fitted originaly and the dial did NOT have the AC logo in the middle . I fitted a complete AC system including the new set of Dials , the right hand dial has the AC logo in the middle .

Regards JJ.

thanks everyone - much appreciated.

     James this should be a photo of the switch .

Recently moved from a Mk 2.5 to a Mk3.5 and like you was insistent that the car had either AC or Climate control.
What I learned was that it seems that AC was not standard on any early Mk 3s but that it later became standard on the 2.0 Sport models. It remained an option on all other models except for the Roadster Coupes introduced in 2007 (I think) which have it as standard and some special editions which included it as part of an enhanced spec.
All models that I saw with AC had the letters and light in the middle of the right hand control. This was without exception and I ended up challenging a few dealers on the phone to double check before I went to look at their cars because their adverts said one thing but the photos told another story. The photos never lied…
Unfortunately, as you will find, AC was fitted to perhaps only 10-15% of early Mk 3s, as an option, but is much more common on later models.

 I have the July 2007 MX5 brochure.

A/C (Climite Control) was standard on the Roadster Coupe models 1.8 and 2.0 engines.

It  was an optional extra on other models - this was also part of the “Option Pack” - you got leather seats as well.

It would not be impossible for someone in the know to retro fit A/C and the car has cloth seats!  Just to complicate things further!

Without A/C

Pic above is of standard heating and ventilation dials without either type of aircon, this below is of Manual Aircon, and Auto Aircon (“climate”) where the temp can be dialed in,

In the early Mk3 years aircon was only available as an extra and only then with leather BUT leather was available (and very common) without aircon. Very few cloth seat cars have aircon.

Check for “A/C” on the right dial (push to operate) which means it is at least manual aircon, and “Auto” on right and left dials (turn to set) if you want climate. If you want to be doubly sure check under the bonnet for the aircon pipe and valve near the rad.