NC new intake issues. MAF?

The stock air filter can be changed in less than 10 mins and you don’t need to remove the bumper.

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There should be a 0-ring on the body of the MAF that seals to the inlet tube

Well I’ve just reset the codes, did the ECU relearn procedure and went out on a short journey about 5 miles and about 3 miles in the engine light returns.

In terms of help with versa tuner I will definitely take you up on that mate.

Oh that’s far too sensible. Much tinkering is to be had, and we amateurs simply must second guess the professionals’ design decisions…

Also, it does look a lot better…

Thought: Cobalt cold air intake fitted ahead of the Direnza kit. Pointless I’m sure, but there is a great many tinkerings to be had with that too.

Very true. Yeah it does look a lot better.

Yeah I seen that a while back, might be a good idea.

It does sound like you have an air leak somewhere.

My understanding is that if your new; induction system has increased airflow, the ECU will take data from the MAF and adjust the fuelling accordingly.

Are all the connections an airtight fit?

If one feels a bit loose, a couple of turns of ptfe tape might sort it.

You could try wrapping some electrical insulation tape around each connection to make it airtight, then see if you can run the car without an EML. If you can, then remove the tape one connection at a time until the code appears.

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Hi all, been a while since I’ve been on the forum but since I’ve been off I’ve had @AdamR28 help me massively with the issue I was having. Cannot recommend him enough for altering my tune so my car isn’t throwing any error lights or bogging down.

If anybody is getting this same kit or thinking about ordering I would recommend speaking to @AdamR28 :+1::+1:he will sort you out.


Glad you’re all sorted and that I was able to help! Thanks for the shout out.

Your ECU is now letting the throttle open fully below 5000rpm in 2nd and 3rd gear too, makes a big difference :upside_down_face: (the OEM map limits it significantly!)


Sounds like a new map is a must if you’re changing the air intake then.

May as well be doing that at the same time as a new exhaust manifold?