NC PRHT/Soft top pricing

Good morning,

New to the Forum, so I apologise if I’ve posted in wrong section!

Currently looking for an NC with hardtop as car will be parked on road all year road. I understand every car price is based upon condition/miles etc but if you took 2 similar aged, miles, condition cars but 1 is PHRT and 1 Soft top is there or should there be a significant difference in price?

Thanks for any light that can be shone in this for me!

Expect to pay more for a PRHT price difference depending on what year NC.

If you can wait eventually you’ll get a bargain one appear. When I got my 2006 in 2018 seemed to be around £400/500 extra people where asking.

I’ve given myself this winter to find the right 2.0L MK3.
Where are you based? Only thinking if I found one too far away but near you I could let you know. I’m NG318DD.

Thanks for that, I have 2 local(ish) to me (haven’t viewed them), same age, miles etc but a grand different!

I’m based in Kent

I bought my 2.0 prht 2008 car early summer this year. Figured the PRHT was worth around £500, and the difference between a 1.8 and a 2.0 was also around £500. I was tempted by a couple of 1.8s, but glad a waited for the 2.0 sport for the stronger (in both senses) engine and LSD. Also glad I went for the PRHT - love it, No Mould!

I would also factor in suspension upgrade costs into your equation, 15 year old shocks are not going to be ‘as new’. I also put on new wheels and tyres (cheaper than re-furbing and got rid of the fitted ditch finders). That lot costs about £1500 ontop of the purchase price - but could be much cheaper with economy shocks and springs.