NC PRHT tool kit wanted

My newly purchased NC Sport tech PRHT did not have the emergency tool kit for the retractable roof.:worried:
If anyone has one spare it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Look up PM Sportscars, they sorted one for me.
However, I’ve never ever heard or seen anybody on the planet use or figure out how to use it !! :rofl:

Thanks Reggie747
I will look them up.
I know I will probably never use it (or be able to use it) but may as well have one just in case. :rofl:

I know Barrie (Bettabuilda) used the emergency kit once, so it’s not a bad idea to track one down.

You could make your own Emergency PRHT Kit, there is not much in it:

2 x 30cm of 3 or 4mm Nylon Rope (hardware shop)
1 x 30cm (or thereabouts) 4mm Hex Key
1 x 25cm (approx) M6x1x10mm Threaded Eye Bolt

Print out the how to use info. from the Owners Manual, put all in a plastic bag, and store under the passenger seat…


Think I’ve read don’t keep it in the boot either,struggle with access to boot if roof stops.

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Thanks. I think I remember reading in the handbook that it should be stored in the glove compartment. :+1:

Noddy04 PM me as I have both a hex key and threaded eye bolt surplus