NC rear speaker replacement recomendations

I’m looking to replace the rear speakers in my 2007 NC Sport.
I’ve worked out how to replace the rear speakers and am looking for recommendations on what 4 inch speakers to use. I want something better than the OEM but don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of money.
I did consider Alpine as they used to be highly recommended when I last replace car speakers about 20 years ago, but the Amazon review have been poor.

Any suggestions appreciated.

I have Alpine speakers in mine. They’re cheap these days. The rear speakers are in such an area that they have no ‘cabinet’ to get any bass out of that no matter what you put there is going to sound a bit meh, but still better than whatever you have from the factory.

I used the Alpine SXE-0825S - 150W 8cm speakers which were £27 at the time I bought them from car audio direct… They fit behind the holes in the mounting bracket rather than in front and the metal mountings on the speaker can be bent around to hold them securely without drilling. I did take the bracket out of the car so I could use a vice to get the mountings bent tightly. I then used some foam [actually a polishing pad with the centre cut out] to seal the speakers against the plastic as the original speakers have a bit of foam that breaks up when removed.

Snip the resistor off and resolder the wire, you’ll get a bit more meat out of them.
Not a huge amount though.