NC wheel paint

Good morning….brand new member here with 2 weeks MX5 ownership!  For those 2 weeks, I have been scouring the net looking for wheel paint codes for my 57 plate NC as there are a few areas to attend to.  One company markets the 22V silver as the same silver used on the alloys…but that is it in terms of info that I can find.  Can the collective knowledge base on the forum help at all.  Thanks in advance - Marco

There is a good site with lots of info for mx5’s here, this is the link to body paint codes but you may find some info on wheel paints if you scour the pages.


I can concur that 22v is a good match for touching up small kerb rashes.

My car is Sunlight Silver 22v I used it once and couldn’t see where the touchup started and ended.


I’ve posted on here a few times.


I took my dremmel tool with an emery wheel and lightly removed the rough edge, then over a period of a few hours built up the scuff with the Sunlight silver.

Couldn’t see where I’d repaired it.

I repaired the cill on my MK1 and used a rattle can to touch it up cosmetically before the BIG RESPRAY (coming to a car near me soon) and the paint match was awful. I went to a car paint supplier in Saltney, Chester and he used a special camera to analyse the paint on the rest of the car, its a Mercedes spec silver!!! So my car truly is 50 shades of silver!! Point is the camera, find a paint supplier and get them to analyse the wheel for a perfect match.



Russ it is a spectrometer that is used to scan the colour of coatings.