ND Blind Spot Monitoring System-part 2

So, my blind spot monitoring system has been malfunctioning and it appears Mazda have a ‘bulletin’ for this (ie it is a known problem).  It has been back to the main dealer twice because it became problematic to fix.  It needed a couple of new modules, which involve removing the rear bumper, and then they have to be synced to the car, which again, was problematic and required two visits to sort out.

I got her back yesterday. It’s a 140 mile round trip to my dealer. I was assured it is now sorted, and I must say the Service Manager has been very polite and reasonable, providing me with a courtesy car etc. However, having been out in the 5 today covering 130 miles on various types of road I can confirm…it still ‘aint workin’ properly    

Drivers side seems to be ok.  I have been purposefully indicating and pulling out politely (as I always do of course!) and the little light is flashing in my door mirror plus a warning beep to let me know there is a vehicle behind me.  However, in doing the same thing on my nearside…nothing. So it’s back to the dealer again by the looks of things.  This is starting to get a bit tedious.   

Any other ND owners out there having the same problem?  

It’ll only work if the vehicle behind is approaching faster than you are travelling. This is not usually what happens on your nearside. Could it be that the system is working and you’ve just not been in a situation to make it work?

Hi Robbie and thx for that.

I was thinking the same myself ie that maybe I just hadn’t happened upon the right situation to set it off, and that may still be the case of course. As mentioned I travelled around 130 miles today on a variety of M ways and B roads and different speeds and conditions but at no point did it go off, despite my best attempts to make it do so. However, if, as you say, the vehicle approaching needs to be moving faster than me, then I guess it could still be the case that I haven’t been in the right situation to set it off. I’ll keep an eye on it for a bit longer before reporting it to my dealer again. Fingers crossed! 




My first ND had blind spot that failed the modules were replaced and all was well first time fix worked flawlessly for the rest of my tenure with th ND1.

I did seem to notice the passenger side less likely to come on, probably as normally stuff isnt approaching in that side like it does on the drivers side.

My current ND doesn’t have the feature which I am pleased about as although useful I prefer to check it’s clear, that said I thought the feature that detects cars approaching when reversing out of a space was pretty good.

Took a drive down to the classic car show in Deal, Kent. Saw the MX5 OC stand. Looking good. Shame no ND’s on show.

Anyway,  point being, when I put my ND into reverse in a car park, the nearside door mirror was flashing up some movement behind. Thus suggesting (I hope) that the BSM system is working on both sides after all!

Happy days!