ND IL Motorsport 15mm spacers wait or order H&R

Dear All

If you part of the recall you will be like myself waiting for the replacement from MX5 Parts.
Now first of all hats off to MX5 Parts on the recall no grumbles there and when I phoned them they informed me they don’t know when IL motorsport replacements will happen.

I have since written to IL motorsport and they were not very clear of when the replacements will be sent.

Im now thinking of replacing my order and getting some H&R spacers has anyone got any experience or any others you would recommend?

Many thanks
South Wales

I have a set of 4 H&R spacers in my garage and they are good quality :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::smiley:

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The 15mms were often out of stock even before the recall, I’d look elsewhere as I’ve had other I.L.Motorsport parts on order since November and it looks like MX5Parts have given up on even predicting when they think they might arrive now.

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Or just go for the wider options…20mm

They are also out of stock :frowning:

I realised I should have checked that before I sent it :man_facepalming: :upside_down_face:

lol I am thinking though 20mm might be better

It depends on the ride height of the car, if lowered on 40mm springs for example you will get rubbing on the front.

I wasn’t aware you got rubbing on 20mm spacers, I know I had some rubbing on 25mm spacers with the Eibach lowering springs

Eibach are 30mm, some have lowered on 40mm springs and had rubbing with 20mm spacers.