ND in deepest darkest Derbyshire

Hi everyone, I’ve had a Soul Red 2.0 ND since 2016 and been reading for a while but finally got around to registering (only 4 years late :roll_eyes: ). Be sure to give me a wave if you see me about the Peak District, I’ll be the young looking chap with the roof down when it’s only 5 degrees out.



I sometimes enjoy a drive up Winnats Pass & then along the road to Edale which comes out at Hope - good fun.

Edit - a couple of pics in this area:-

On the bottom of the old (abandoned) road at Mam Tor, the “Shivering Mountain”. Winnats Pass goes between the two trees in the background up to the summit above the steep valley - quite a climb.

At the top of the old Mam Tor road, looking over the Hope Valley


Welcome along, pictures are always good too :grinning:

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Thanks for the welcome chaps :slightly_smiling_face: I picked up a new phone at Christmas with a much better camera so I’ll have to start reeling some shots off, although I never seem to find a good spot to pull over and take photos despite often being in the White Peak.

Lovely photos Andy, I’ve been up the abandoned road a few times and it still blows my mind now. Most of my existing photos seem to involve either playing Tetris with the boot or parking in slightly precarious mud, neither of which seem worthy of posting up!


Chesterfield lad with a Crystal Blue 02 plate If I see you

out in the Peak I will wave!!


We do our shopping in Chesterfield (market days) on a regular basis then hop over to Bakewell or Matlock for the drive. Will look out for you, obviously not until it’s safe, the NC’s on sorn anyway.:worried:

So with lockdown I can’t really take it anywhere nice and I think the battery is dying too sigh so I’ve set about polishing the thing although it really needs machine correction

there is a filter on this photo (Google suggested) I wish it looked that good in the flesh because my arms certainly ache enough now! Tomorrow to sort the plastic and perhaps wheels out sigh again


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So finally managed to get a photo in some scenery, do excuse my windscreen it’s been sat collecting dust for over a fortnight!

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