I fitted these front indicator LED bulbs which have built-in resistor and NO HYPERFLASHING.

Worked perfectly - and are about TWICE as bright as the standard bulb. In the UK they were £10 a pair on eBay.



Cant post a link but do a search for “LED Indicator No Hyperflash”

I purchased same as suggested. Just had bonnet up and now wondering how to gain access to lamp. Do I really need to remove fuse box and washer reservior tank to change lamps over?



No. To change the left hand lamp . . .

Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right.
Remove the push fasteners along the wing liner ON THE LEFT at the front - about 5 from memory.
Pull back the wheel arch liner and reach in and remove the bulb holder (twists out)
Change bulb, check it’s working
Insert bulb holder, twist tight
Fold back the liner, reinsert clips, test indicators again.

Repeat for right hand lamp, start by turning wheel all the way left . . . continue as above.

Sounds difficult, but it’s not.

Thank you so much. Is there a risk of snapping the push fasteners or are they pretty robust?
Do you pull the fasteners with fingers or do I need a particular tool?
Many thanks


They are very easy to get out. In the centre of the fixing, you will see a round plug. If you have strong fingernails, you can get them along the edge and pull the plug out a couple of mm. If not use a small flat blade screwdriver and popo them out slightly. Once loose, grab the plug and tug. The whole fastener will come out.

If you want to practice, have a look in the boot and they have the same fasteners holding the “carpet” in place. These are smaller but operate the same. Have a practice! Good luck ??


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Thanks man.

Jeff I was just wondering how you’ve gotten on with these bulbs after a year or so of them being fitted, are they indeed hyperflash and canbus error free and still going strong?

Yes, they have been great, still very bright and no issues at all. That may curse them, of course, so fingers crossed!

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Thanks, I’m probably going to pick a set up when I get my hands on some sequential rear LED’s.