ND Luggage rack - protective pads

I am about to pick up a secondhand Mazda luggage rack for my ND - one of the Carbon Fibre jobbies.   The seller says it needs some small pieces of plastic or similar to sit under the feet of the rack to protect the paintwork of the boot lid.  He says the one’s supplied with the rack originally were sticky and although removable are not reusable.  Which sounds reasonable.   I tried MX5 spares who said there is no part number listed so not available separately.   I think that means I will be making some from something other.    Anyone done it before?  Anyone got some new unused one’s they want to part with?    I will quiz the guy about what the original one’s were like but I was thinking that something like clear sticky back plastic would do - the sort of stuff you used to cover books with at school.  Or perhaps even McNett tenacious tape used for repairing outdoor goretex gear.  I suppose it needs to stick to the boot lid so that if the rack moves at all it damages the tape and not the paintwork yet something that doesnt stick so hard to the paintwork it cant be removed or takes paint off with it.    Any thoughts on anything else suitable.  It needs to be weatherproof too I suppose so that may preclude the sticky backed plastic.  


suggestions welcome.  ta.

I think what I need is something like clear Helicopter (Heli) tape. Seems cheap enough in small rolls so will look into that.

I have the Mk3 luggage rack fitted to my car and the protective pieces are ‘sticky back plastic’ so i can’t imagine they are any different to the Mk4.


They are clear-see through pieces, probably the same stuff they fit to the leading edge of the rear wheel arch on some cars as a stone anti chip guard.