ND Mk4's, where is everybody?

i drive for a living, spending most of my working life on the road, yet since the ND was released, I’ve only seen two ND’s on the road (not including the Waddesdon VIP event). So where are all you guys and girls with the new car, have you given up for the winter and we won’t see you out on the road until next spring?

I’ve not seen any - but then mines still on the boat!

I’m in south Essex, near Upminster, and I’ve only seen one other than mine, and that was several weeks ago, Soul Red, same as mine.  Yesterday my dealer said that they’d sold 10, but I’ve not seen hide nor hair of them.  Mine is for all year use, if you’ve got a car, use it.  I can’t afford the luxury of a an “every day” car and a “fine weather fun car”.  See you around?

One pulled into our local Asda car park a few weeks ago. Whilst I was parked well away from the door dingers and bumper scuffing child buses, he pulled in right there amongst them. Looked as though he’d drove it straight out of the showroom, in gleaming soul red.

He’ll learn soon enough…


Down South here in East Sussex they are all over the place, seen at least 6, one has a PP and lives here in Bexhill, and two weeks ago when I went to Petworth House there were 2…

That’s where they all are!!!  Stockbroker belt!!!  North/South divide etc!!!

Easy answer - shipments go to Europe and limited quantities then arrive in the UK - it takes time to build up enough ND’s that are visible on the road. Add to this most members have, and are happy with their NA’s,NB’s and NC’s, so unless they have pot loads of cash, they aren’t going to rush out and buy one for a while.

I said mine is the last car I shall buy, and that’s me out for a start!


Mines a DD but I’ve only seen two others on the roads of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Apart from the vip event.

I’ve not seen many either now you mention it.

Plan to use my in all but snow and ice.

I live up in West Cumbria with my ND, I know at least one more house on my way to work has a Soul Red ND but that’s it.

I’m in mid Essex. I have only seen one other, a Soul Red, on the road. That was a month ago when I was on the way to Chelmsford to collect mine.

There probably isn’t more than 2000 on the roads in the UK yet so they will be few and far between.

Live in West London and regularly drive M3, M25, M40 and surrounding roads; not seen one in the wild yet. Are owners frightened to get them dirty? 

As I posted earlier I have seen none. I live in North Essex and work in Cambridge so I was expecting to see a few - in fact I’ve not seen one sice I ordered mine back in September. Scary stuff!

I’m currently working at one of the big Tech companies and the car park has many NC’s but as yet not a single ND.

I’m in mid Suffolk. I’ve seen one other (black - same colour as mine) twice but that’s it.

Mine is in Stevenage, Herts, seen one in Hitchin, and another on the A1 south near Sandy, that’s it…

Two in Aberdeenshire, myself and our other AC, apart from that not seen any others, at the time of picking up our cars in September there were apparently four more that had been ordered from the same dealer, not seen hide nor hair of any of those.

Mine is in regular use, except when there’s known ice and also snow on the roads, we will see after the winter how the underseal job we carried out (check separate thread) has held up.

I bought it to use it 

I have just seen another in Soul Red. It was from the same dealer as mine one letter different in reg plate. We both drove on the A12 between Chelmsford and Witham.

Mazda should be selling thousands (like they used to), by offering a lower cost entry-level model.