ND roof rubbing

Has anyone else noticed this yet. Luckily the edge of the roof is just slightly scuffed. No hole yet

How old’s your car? It should be covered under warranty.

I had the same problem.
I had the roof replaced under warranty at the time I was told it was due to some washers allowing the roof to move.
Hope this helps

This is well documented on here from day 1 and it seems that the roof ‘system’ has not been changed but the way to lower it has.
If you lower it ‘correctly’ you can see if it is rubbing and re do it if it is. I found on both our cars that if you do it ‘correctly’ it will ‘learn’ where it should go. On the 1st car you could eventually close the roof from the inside of the car and it would be OK. On the new car training is still on going.
If you are concerned and it is under warranty take it back and ask them to correct it for you. That may take the form of a modification or if there is damage to the roof and or the roll hoops, replacement of same.

Its 2015. 1 of the 1st released

Probably the most common issue on the ND, there is a TSB (Dealer Bulletin) identifying the issue and details the parts and jobs needed to fix it, you may somewhat struggle now if the car is out of warranty, but i would still argue as it is clearly a design fault. My car has had the corrective work and i’ve not had a problem since, i can lower from inside the car with no problem whatsoever.

I’d think you will have more of a chance of getting it resolved now whilst its just resolution work and replacing the backs of the roll hoops, replacing the top itself will obviously make the job far more costly. If you need the TSB message me an e-mail address and i’ll send it to you, or if you are a member of the MK4 owners group on facebook its in the files section.

If you can’t get it done as soon as you like and you can’t get it to clear properly by “training” it as suggested by Mad Malc, put a small piece of black Gorilla tape on the leading edge of the hood where it rubs the hoops. This can be done very neatly, such that the tape is barely noticeable.You will also find that a black polish like Simonize Black Chrome will clean up the marks on the roll hoops very well and any other scratches/marks on black trim.

The TSB actually adds spacer washers to the mountings to improve clearance to a degree. I had this done on my roof under warranty but I had previously protected it using the Gorilla tape, such that the fabric wasn’t damaged requiring a new hood.

Hope this helps.

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Just had this start happening on my car about 53,000 miles and 6 years old. Any fixes or suggestions as the car is well out of warranty.

I always lowered it from the interior previously, but have now started lowering from the outside. But really want it fixing properly.

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If you want to do it “properly” I would get hold of the TSB and parts that Mazda dealers use for warranty claims to improve clearance. You could get the dealer to do it for you, but you will have to pay. There is a list of TSBs somewhere on here which identifies the parts required. looks a bit of an involved job. Otherwise, either use the Gorilla tape method I described above or carefully remove some material from the style hoops where they rub as someone else has described. I would do something as soon as possible to prevent the hood from getting damaged as that will cost you a lot more to repair.

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My 2017 ND has this problem. I’ve tried to keep it in check by folding the roof carefully (not always successfully) and applying Gorilla tape as you suggested. Not sure I have the right kind of tape though as it seems very reluctant to stick satisfactorily - don’t suppose you have a specific tape to recommend? Maybe I just need to be more persistent with my sticking…

@Mad_Malc you mentioned ‘training’ the roof by closing it properly. Whatever I do it seems to always land up against the passenger style hoop. Do you have any tips on training my belligerent roof? I always put it down from outside the car, flattening the glass with one hand as I go. The glass never goes flat enough if I try from inside the car, so it’s always been an outside-the-car job for me.

I did this mod

Modify Hoops


Hi F,
I push down on the rear of the roof quite firmly with my left hand and hold the pressure, then push down on the front with my right hand to secure the latch. In the early training ‘years’ I sometimes had to ‘pull’ the hood backwards as I engaged the latch to ensure a reasonable gap.


This is the stuff I used.

Gorilla Tape Mini Duct Tape To-Go Travel Size Black 25mm x 9m : Amazon.co.uk: Business, Industry & Science

It is very tacky and strong and I had no problems getting it to stick. It was on for several months before I removed it. I took some pictures for the forum but I can’t find them anywhere now :confused:

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Thanks both. That’s a different tape to the one I tried, so it’s arriving tomorrow.

And as soon as it stops tipping it down I’ll have a go at that technique. I suspect I’m not being hard enough in the back end.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think I know what you mean!!!

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I’ve tried re-wording that several times now and have just given up! You know exactly what I mean! :smiley:

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Sorry but the pictures seem to have been deleted from my previous post about applying the tape.

Regarding the Gorilla tape, cut 2 pieces of about [EDIT: Oops I should have said “10 mm wide”] so you have two rectangles 25 X 10 mm. Cut a 2mm chamfer off each of the four corners of each piece (this makes the tape less likely to peel off at the corners). At each area that is being rubbed centre the piece of tape such that the mid point of the 25mm length is centred on the high point of the style bar (where it rubs) and with the 25mm side running parallel with the front edge of the roof. In this position carefully apply the tape so that it overlaps the top face of the hood fabric by about 5mm and firmly apply it. Then carefully firmly roll the rest of the tape around the leading edge of the roof and into the undercut underneath the roof edge. The tape will be hardly noticeable and will wear before the roof fabric. If it does wear just apply a new bit of tape.


@Mad_Malc weather’s a bit nicer today so I’ve just spent about half an hour “training” my roof (tape still hasn’t arrived). Your pointers have made a difference already, and I also think the problem’s made worse by me pretty much exclusively folding the roof from the driver’s side. Folding it from the passenger side, and paying special attention to pushing down at the back of the roof has made a difference already, and gives me around 5mm of clearance on both hoops. Wear is noticeably worse on the passenger side.

I’ll apply tape anyway, as I’m sure things will move whilst driving, but it’s reassuring to know that there’s something I can do to reduce the issue, at least. Thanks once again.

5mm is very good, well done for persevering.