ND Scuff Plates - Mazda Accessory - R & L Handing

Have purchased these items from my local Mazda Dealer.


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When I unpacked them they look identical, however one is marked R and one L and they both seem to fit each side of the car ok when I offer them up.

Has anyone fitted these, does the R and L handing matter.

Assume R is drivers side and L is passenger side? 


Yes, left is passenger side, right is driver’s side.

Aside from the obvious, it may be something to do with the position of any wording/logo when fitted so even though they look the same they might actually be subtly different. On the other hand, they may well be identical and the L and R put there for those who need help figured out left and right… 

Hold them together, back to back or front to front, if they match, mirror image, then they’re correct and the “L”/“R” is important, if not they’re not!

There was a post some time ago with photos about fitting them posted by “Rally Tart” if you can find it, very helpful!

Thanks for post, have found the post by Rally Tart including photographs, very helpful.