ND - SkyActiv badge delete (picture heavy)

Today, I replaced the SkyActive badge at the rear with a genuine Mazda Roadster chrome badge.

I measured the MX-5 badge edges and it is +/- 15mm from the edge of the panel, but the SkyActive badge is 15mm one end and 13mm the other end and you can plainly see the “slant”.

I got my panel poppers out and sharpened the ends on my bench grinder to make them a little sharper in order to get under the badge a little easier.

I worked my way around the whole badge stretching the adhesive and using two tools to force the adhesive away and then the clips snapped and the badge came away.\

I used the “pick-roll-flick” method for getting most of the old adhesive off then broke out the hard-stuff

Now came the hard part. As I mentioned, the SkyActive badge was on the slant and followed the line of the panel, the MX-% badge didn’t.

When I aligned the Roadster badge straight, it looked odd due to the larger size. Aligned with the original badge position it looked crooked.

I compromised and stuck it on with a slight 1mm slant to almost follow the panel line of the original and almost be straight horizontally.


Lovely job Jeff.
More individualistic than the Corporate engine advert in my personal view.

Thanks, it matches my seat-belt warning cover as well . . . sorry about the dust!

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Where did you get that seat belt warning cover? Could use one of those myself! TIA.

It was made by a chap on miata.net in the U.S.

His website is Miata Car Badges

Mine cost USD40 shipped but that was 15 months ago.

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