Need a spare key

Wifes bought a MK3.5 but it only came with one key. Wheres the best place to get a spare? Would like a 4 button flip type. Is it possible to programme them yourself?



Not done anything about it yet but have the same issue. Perry’s, my local Mazda people said it required an entire new lock set, 2 complete new keys, programming etc at a cost approaching £800! How ridiculous is that? Also, I believe, completely wrong. I found a mobile auto locksmith who tells me, if I buy a second hand complete key/fob of the same type ( visteon or Mitsubishi 4 button ) he will cut a new key, install a new chip or reprogram the chip so I will have two fully working keys/fobs for the princely sum of £50 and he will come out to me!! As said not done anything yet and cannot find any makers marks on my existing fob which is what is holding me up. eBay key/fobs are around £30-40 so £100 all in should sort it.


Bettabuilda, have a look in the groove where the folded key lies for the brand of the fob.

How useful was that Trollface? VERY! I had read different stuff on this matter and even seen a picture but your prompt had me in the garage with my lenser highpower LED torch and there it was MITSUBISHI MOTOR CORP JAPAN quite faint but visible. This spurred me on to take the whole fob apart, AGAIN, and a bit more searching with the torch and amongst the accumulated muck and grime that equals 9 years of usage, there indeed is the serial number! MITSUBISHI SKE106 or whatever! Well chuffed :slight_smile: a result in my book, just need to source the equivalent 4 button fob now and ring the auto locksmith and we’re away :slight_smile:

Many thanks!


Mine too is a Mitsubishi.

Will be on the lookout for spare now.



ha!  Don’t want to get in a bidding war on eBay with you Andy!