Need help with my Christmas list!

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NA8
  2. I’m based near: York
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Tools

Hi all, I’ve recently got a spare mk1 1.8 engine and I fancy having a crack at refurbishing it so taking it apart cleaning it up and hopefully making it like new! Anyway I’m not completely clueless but I don’t own many decent tools I’m hoping you guys could help me out with a bit of a shopping list of the tools I’ll need along the way. I know it would probably end up cheaper to send it off to get built but like I said I want to give it a go!

Cheers, Dan

I suppose an engine stand might be a good start.

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Good quality torque wrench

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The top Halfords range of tools is excellent and with Black Friday plus MX5OC discount could be a serious bargain.
Get a torque wrench, socket set and open-plus-ratchet ring spanner set.
Their cabinets are good too.

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Swear Box.
B.F.H. ( I’ll PM you the meaning)
Food containers for bolts.
Wiltshire Streaky, baps, Forman Grill.


I’d stick to the Wiltshire streaky, baps and beer :beer::beer:


Me too :joy:

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Yepp just go straight for the baps… and beer.

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