New Driver on The Grand Tour Loves an MX5

The new driver on The Grand Tour, Abbie Eaton, has had a lot of success driving MX5’s in the past.

Read this article:

Her Dad Paul Eaton was a racer. Had her first track visit at two months old. Has raced in MX-5 Cup and won Supercup.

Nice to have someone from the MX-5 family in there.

James May has been quoted as saying -

“We tested loads of people and she was the fastest and the best and that’s how it should be. To employ her for any other reason would be patronising.”


Friday 22nd might interest club members. 

Go on, tell us more.


Friday 22nd might interest club members. 

look forward to the show 

Excuse my ignorance, but are we talking about Friday 22nd edition of Grand Tour or some other programme?

I shall watch Grand Tour as a matter of course but I would hate to miss something else interesting