New family members

Hi Everyone,

As a returning member I thought I’d share my ‘family’ with all of you. In 2014 I sold my 2010 Sportech mk3.5 to fund a new work van. I then got itchy feet again for another car so I bought 2012 BMW Z4 ( I know - say what you like about that one ). Anyway, I didn’t get on with that since I’d had two previous MX5’s it just didn’t compare so last year I bought a mk2.5 Sport as a bit of a project car. This is now nearing the level of improvement I’d intended and just to annoy my wife even further,  I have just bought a 2011 Mk3.5 Sport Black. (see pics). This should keep me quiet for a while as I did really like the previous Sportech. Let’s see what the future brings!



Likeing both of those! I test drove a mk3 with the folding hard top a few weeks ago as I’m thinking of getting one as my MX5/daily driver (mk1 will be sold if I get one) and was really impressed how refined they are with the top up. A lot better than I was expecting. Just a case of finding one now that’s not rusted to death underneath! lol The one I test drove was an 08 plate with 40K on the clock…looked like it had spent its life parkes at the bottom of a harbour underneath, really was shockingly bad! Thinking of trying to get as new as I can afford so i can get it dinitrolled underneath before the rust starts.


Whats your plans for these two?