New here :)


I’ve been registered here a little while,  but only just posted today! 

I have been active on a couple forums, mainly Mighty5’s and Retrorides, but figured with such an active local group on here (Norfolk) it is time to get involved! I’ve stumbled across a couple of Norfolk 5 meets in the past and they have always been good fun with some great cars.

I’ve had my 5, BOL, for nigh on 4 years now, the longest I have owned any car. It was my first 5, since I’ve had it I’ve had 3 other Mk1’s mainly for parts before moving them on, with the exception of one called POG, some of you may know of the car, as the owner Chris is on here. That was an amazing conditioned Mk1 and far too good to turn into a hill climb/Sprint car, which is what I’m very slowly morphing BOL into.

Anyway, that is all for now, will come along to one of the Norfolk meets in May so will hopefully meet a few of you there.





hi and welcome.have a great year.fab zooming.great driving in norfolk.we regularly visit my niece in little ryburgh.

Hello there and welcome to the forum

Welcome, good to see you posting!