New Introduction

Hi all, I am new to the MX-5 club even though I have owned my Mk1 Eunos in Mariner Blue for 7 years!

Still its better late than never and I am looking forward to some good advice and hopefully some club activities and meets.

A bit of history, I maintained the car to a good standard, its used, lives outdoors and achieves first time mot passes, phew!.

But recently I have been plagued by a continual problem with the idle speed control, its high when its warm, low when it’s cold and stalls when it decides it would like to.

I don’t want to bother anyone at this point but would really welcome some help to sort out this issue in the very near future.

So hopefully, with the help of a couple of posted images, some fault descriptions and what I have investigated to date I would very welcome the help.


Welcome to the forum

hi and welcome.never too late.someone on the forum will have the answer I am sure.

Hi and welcome. With the wealth of information available I’m sure you’ll have it sorted in no time.