new job new car time!

Hi all. I’m James and I just finished my apprenticeship in aircraft engineering and just got offered a job!


So I’ve decided its time for a new car which I can use daily but will also be fun for occasional track use. And my decision is an mx5.


In all honesty I’m not sure which one to get so any advice would be welcome :slight_smile:


i was at japfest yesterday in my show car which is a gen 7 Celica

My celica

Hopefully the pic will work

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hello James, congratulations on the job!

For a daily driver with fun opportunities an NC or MK3 derivative is probably going to meet your needs best.

Hello and welcome to the forum 

I was just thinking that nothing much was happening this weekend. Japfest has not been mentioned here, or I am blind!

Hello James, welcome to the forum.

greetings James, welcome to the clan & well done with the job.
the MX5 decision is, of course, the right one , but which one also depends on your daily commute mileage & also dependent on your budget
as Ian says the mk3 is a comfortable choice which has everything you need.

also having just finished apprenticship you are probably mid 20s so might like a rip snorting mk1 

try them all out to see, good luck


Shame on you. If you had your 2015 MX5OC calendar proudly displayed on your wall you would have seen it highlighted in big red letters.

Fair enough - but the first thing I do when a paper calendar arrives is put it in the bin (no offence, I just never hang these things up).

However if you had a mx5oc app for my smartphone with pop up reminders… that would be different!

The “events” button on this site only shows the official MX5OC events, so it would be nice to have a way to display all the major events.

At the minute the commute is 100 mile round trip. But cutting it down to 40 when I move in a few weeks. I’m 22 and its first time living by myself  I compromised on house space so I could have a garage with room for 2 outside on the drive! Priorities diffenetly right.


Whatever I get I predict 2 weeks before mods go on I had a 91 mini which within 6 months I had reshelled and built a 1380 turbo for. Before some locals thought they would nick and set alight

But comfort wise I never owned a car (except the Celica) with working heater/blower. Never owned a car with working road suspension. (Collapsed/corroded etc, mini and Celica are/were both lowered)

I just want the best for track that I can trust to start at 5:30 am 


The “events” button on this site only shows the official MX5OC events, so it would be nice to have a way to display all the major events.


Seem to remember some region organisers being banned from posting on the forum for the ‘crime’ of posting about non-club events. Think it was something to do with the club only being insured for sanctioned events and could be seen to be liable if the forum ‘promoted’ anything else.

Must admit sometimes my paper calendar is often two months behind when I look at it. Just happened to see a big red smudge the other day and wondered what it was. Closer inspection revealed ‘Japfest’!