New kid on the block

Hi everyone,

New member. Been a family car man all my life… but a few years ago we were given an NC for the weekend by a friend of ours for our anniversary. We enjoyed the experience but with a young family thought having one was absurd. After a weekend loving the car we concluded we probably could and maybe should have one anyway!

It was only going to happen when my existing car needed to be replaced. That was brought about a little sooner than anticipated when a 14t truck rear ended me early this year. 

After some deliberation and borrowing another one for a weekend we decided to go ahead. 

The dealers (Mitchell’s Mazda at Ellesmere Port) really came up trumps. We are the proud owners of a 2008 NC that is absolutely immaculate and like new. I think the last owner may be a member here. The car is a testimony to him and his care. The car has been lovingly cared for. I’ve got a tall order to keep up the good work!

Anyway. I’m here. I have a pretty stupid grin on my face most of the time at the moment! Loving the car and hoping to catch up with the Cheshire and NW crowd soon. 



Welcome and enjoy. 

Hello and welcome to the club and forum

Hello and welcome to the club

Bienvenue d’un Français