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Hi , I’m Sean a Newby from Derby . I bought my VR Ltd Com A just before lockdown . I was planning on running it until the mot exp in Nov 20 but lockdown happened and i got furloughed from work which gave me plenty of time to work on it . Its taken me 14 months to totally strip and rebuild hope you like her and i look forward to meeting up at some point when we can ! , cheers Sean


Hi Sean, and welcome from Nottinghamshire (Just north of Mansfield) Well done for making such good use of your furlough time… was well spent on your lovely NA…! :slight_smile:

Welcome from South Yorkshire Sean, sweet NA, great work!

That’s fantastic Sean, well done ! I’m very jealous of anyone with a nice NA … and that one looks like a real classic :ok_hand: How much did you need to do ?

Respect. And welcome to the club. She is a beauty.

Welcome from Scotland…

Welcome, nice looking NA, love the colour.

Also from Derby :+1:

Completely bare shelled it mate , it really needed tlc , interior shot , wrong colour roof , but the main thing was the sills had been bodged previously but had not gone into the inner so was a relatively easy repair both sides . I dont think i would have gone into it as far as i did if we had’nt had lockdown/ furlough tbh , but now i’m glad .


While we might not choose the circumstances, we can choose how we use the opportunities they create. Looks like you’ve done an absolutely cracking job and have a gorgeous car to show for it!

Very welcome to the community, from Leeds!