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Hi All,

I’m new to the Forum having just bought my first MX-5.

Took delivery of this stunning red ND 1.5 Sport Soft Top last week. I’ve no idea why I never considered the MX-5 in all the years I have been driving, it’s such a fantastic drive.

Looking forward to learning all about MX-5’s from the forum and hopefully meeting up with other forum members.


Welcome aboard. Enjoy your car and the club. Plenty of top down motoring to have fun with.
Feel free to share your experiences :+1:


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Welcome to the club & the Forum. She looks fab & a lovely colour. Enjoy the drive. Hope you smile every time you are behind the wheel



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Welcome to the club! In my (very biased) opinion the best model and engine to go for and yours looks stunning! We are in Norfolk so unlikely to pass each other often but I may see you at the national rally in September!


She’s a Beauty & No Mistake :+1:
Welcome From NB 2.5 Owner in the Midlands
Look Forward to Your Avatar & Tick Membership

You Won’t Be Disappointed by the Club or Membership


Now that I have got the car I will look into membership and the benefits of joining up.



Welcome along, be happy to meet you at any of the local events, you can find out more about what’s happening here:


Look after it because as the world turns electric one day on the way back from the shop you’ll decide to take that right fork up the hill to another adventure and as you brake, drop a gear and gun the engine to go up the hill you’ll want to keep it forever. All mx5’s can do this from NAs like mine to the latest ND.

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For me an ND in red is 100% the best colour :slight_smile:

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As a black ND owner… I absolutely agree that red is the best colour :slight_smile:

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So Sorry !

Didn’t Mean to Pressure You Into Membership

Because We Love Visitors Just as Much

And in My Experience as First a Visitor and Then a Member

You Get BRILL from Both

Enjoy Your Girl and Have Great Fun Exploring the Forum

Take Your Time [It Can Be a Bit Overwhelming]

Everything You Want to Know [or Don’t Want to Know About the MX5]

Life, The Universe & Everything

Great Characters/Excellent Humour

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Trust my word I’ve had some quite impressive cars, The MX 5 ND is as good as any of them, In todays scary climate The MX5 ND Is as lovely to look at and drive as anything on the road. With exceptional road handling, and reliability… There’s nothing ‘not’ to like, At a time when none of us can be sure of the future that lay ahead of us… Not being morbid or negative here, We have to face up to the times that we live in…. You have bought THE best little Roadster of our time… ENJOY it
Best regards from Ray Hill Epping Essex


I’m just sorry that I didn’t consider the MX-5 years ago, it’s a great little sports car, and so much fun to drive.

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Well, Look at it another way You found the right car a little later than you would have liked ! This happens to many people during their lives Not just with Cars. But with partners, Homes, areas to live etc… BUT. What a lovely experience when you find what you want …. For you. It sounds that you have probably made the best choice possible. By buying a MX5 ND …

You lucky lucky YOU. Now make up for lost time and enjoy it !:heart::man::woman_white_haired:

PS, it gets better each time you get behind the wheel. The MX5s Grow on you like no other car…


Better late than never, glad I went to the dealer to have a look. As some of my friends often say, “what’s for you will never go by you”.

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It’s the colour God intended for MX5s. Each version has its own sacred red.

But I also like dark blue….

And white…

And possibly black.


An excellent ‘saying’ Antibe, As you will find out as the enjoyment grows each time you open the door and turn the key :blush: Best regards from Ray

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The Red example is just right for the ND And even for the NC 3.75s

It’s a lovely ‘ Red, Well thought out by Mazda … At last years National Show, The Red cars seemed to “ Take the Eye “ As you say There really are several other colours that are just as lovely too. In a more subtle way…

There is a lovely ‘ blue ‘. And as you say Black… In those two colours The choice of interior is important too…. Best regards from Ray…

But come on let’s be honest. Shouldn’t RED be the colour of a Roadster or sports car ? Ferrari, And Lamborghini thought so ! Who are they to argue with. … best regard’s from Ray Hill

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…and British Racing Green & Orange…et al

I Mean…Once You Get Addicted to an MX5 [Regardless of Model NA/NB/NC/ND]

Resistance is Futile :warning:


Hi Again

U Got Your Ticky Box Avatar !

IanH Forum Admin/Area Coordinator [Grampian] afforded loads of support when I first joined [even though I’m Staffs]

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