New Member from Aberdeenshire

I’m sure there’s a lot of effort and cost in running the club and forum, so decided to take out the membership. I’ve had a look at the local area content, hopefully I’ll be able to get involved in some things.



Some staff are paid but many volunteer [Area Coordinators I think are in the latter category ?]

I’d be lost without my Wall Calendar & feel pride with my O.C. Stickers in the windscreen

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Welcome from the New Forest
Hope you can get your top off as much as the weather allows up there. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the MX-5 fraternity, Antibe2112. I am sure that we all hope that enjoy your car as much as we do. I was in Aberdeen Harbour recently as part of an adventure with one of my other hobbies …

Best, Jonathan (MX-5 RF)

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Hi Better late than never. Welcome to the fraternity. I am sure you will enjoy your car. I am gradually working up to a ND having had a NB and now 2 NC’s My current one is the SE 130bhp. Put premium fuel in it and it will sing for you. Enjoy …

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from one new member to another welcome. scotland eh? your in for some fun drives for sure.

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Thanks for the kind welcome and the tip on the fuel.

Thanks for the welcome. I’ve driven on our local country roads in my Abarth (previous car), which although fun in it’s own way, it was also a hard and at times uncomfortable experience. Having done some of the same roads in the MX-5 I can honestly say that is no longer the case, it’s smooth, conformable and big fun.

Thanks for the welcome. Very interesting blog. You were also in Peterhead which is just a couple of miles up the coast from where I live, so we may have seen you sailing by our front door.

i didn’t think you could top a drive in a five but sailing around GB kinda knocks that into a cocked hat. good luck. (we used to sail out of dartmouth and brixham in our westerly cyrus. now sadly sold. FWandFS

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Back now for just over a week having got round safely. One of the things I missed most in the 60 days away was my little RF. Last Wednesday the NW branch of the MX5OC had a run out and my wife & I greatly enjoyed that. It was good to be back in the car & enjoying its nimble performance, with over a dozen others.

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