New member from Blyth

Hi all, anyone near me a member here ?

Hi and welcome… I’m not myself!, but sure there are a few up there :slight_smile:

Welcome! :red_car:

Hi PaleRider (great film btw).
Welcome to the forums.
Not that close to you unfortunately but there are sure to be plenty that are along soon.
Stay safe.

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Ha ha ha yes Im a huge Clint fan !

Is this Blyth near Worksop?
Im in Rotherham but not a member yet, just a frequenter of the forum.

No mate… Blyth Northumberland.

Hey - I just joined this month as well. Nice to see someone local :slight_smile: I live in Durham so not far from you, have to go for a drive out when this snow clears up!

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yeh sounds good, however Im sorn and plodding on with jobs on her.

Just ordered set of coilovers yesterday :grinning:

Which model you running ?

I’ve got an 07 2.0 Sport in Winning blue. I love it!

I’m not going to be modding mine out too much yet - As a young driver the insurance won’t let me stick a bunch of mods on, but we’ll see about it next year.
I’m about to get it in for a proper rust treatment and under-seal, I’m pretty certain there’s nothing too awful but I’m expecting a bit of welding to be required due to the age. The main thing is that it’s my daily, so I need to have the peace of mind that it’s not rotting away every time I take it out in the rain.

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you get the work done yet you mentioned ? if so how much was needed ?

Going in on Monday, will let you know.