New Member from Burton on Trent (Staffs)

I’ll currently looking to buy my first MX5.

I want a MK4 ND, but still not too sure on spec.

I have test driven a 2020 (demo) 1.5rf (I want a convertible and wanted to test a 2.0 184) but it’s all they had in stock.
I really enjoyed the drive but felt I needed a bit more go!.
Have since test driven a couple of earlier cars more in my price range.
And I think a 2.0, car with Bose in red or blue is currently top of my list.

I would like a 184 nd2 but unless prices fall they are just too expensive.

Cheers Darren

Hi Darren and welcome to the world of MX-5’s :slight_smile: I have a 2018 ND2 2L SatNav+ which I bought in July last year… It’s enough for me in standard form, but some here go down to a company called BBR Gti who are known for their performance packs including those for MX-5.
Other’s will add their opinions and suggestions as you get further replies…
Good to have you here…


Welcome Darren :+1::oncoming_automobile:

I bought a 2l NC Miyako a few months ago and love it.

I have made a few mods to personalise it and love it more with each mod. Personalising a fun car is very satisfying.

If interested my main mods so far are:

Fit ‘Dunlop F1 Asymetric 5’ tyres 215-45-17 a tad larger tyres but cheaper than 205 tyres. Iove the grip.

I had it tracked on a Hunter system to standard spec. wow! what a difference proper tracking makes.

Raised the seat at the rear by 25mm by making aluminium spacers, also added some 1" thick 6lb reconstituted foam 8" × 8" in the back of the seat (it simply unzips). seats now far more comfy for me anyway and I don’t keep sliding to the back of the seat.

Swapped the spot lights for cheap £17 eBay DRLs and wired with relay to meet regs.

I keep leaving the indicator on so am in middle of building an electronic circuit that affords a loud indicator buzzer but stops the noise when I stop at say traffic lights so not to annoy others.

Insurance co. has been informed of mods and no extra costs.

I will publish some mods on my youtube channel over the winter months and notify on this forum to help others if they want similar. Keep an eye out for ‘Kit Car Roy’ youtube vids over the winter if interested.

Good luck with whatever car you buy.


Thanks for the replies,
I’m looking to buy as a second / weekend car.
Previously I’ve had a couple of lotus Elise’s, a Caterham and 2 Westfield’s that I’ve built myself.
These have been great but now just too extreme for me, I want something more usable.