New member from Gloucestershire

It was more than time to delve into the owners club world since buying my first MX5 about 6mths ago.

I’ve gone and bought a 2011 NC SportTech 2.0L in Metro. Grey. Nice and standard with only a boot lip spoiler added by the previous owner. I’ve added EDC discs and Green Stuff pads.

Really enjoying the car, even in standard form and anything I do to it will be subtle I reckon.

Hopefully be meeting a few folk from the Western group at any future meets.

Cheers for now,



Hi Paul and welcome from Nottinghamshire. The NC you have there looks really nice…
I had EBC discs and Green Stuff pads on a Fiesta 1.4 Zetec years back - Very good and I remember they didn’t leave excessive brake dust on the wheels…! :slight_smile:
So continue enjoying the MX-5 because that’s what they are all about…! :slight_smile:


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