New member from just outside Edinburgh

Hi, just signed up! I’m Andrew, I’m just south of Edinburgh and I have a shitbox of an NC 2.0 PRHT :slight_smile: Bought it a couple of months back with a known engine issue and a bit of rust so obviously the first thing to do was to thrash it at Forrestburn hillclimb til the “possibly worrying engine rattle” developed into a “really obviously knackered engine”. Diagnostics are easy!


Welcome to the club

Welcome along, I suppose if it’s a bit broken there’s little chance of seeing you at Murthly Castle on Sunday?

I’ve a prior appointment unfortunately or I’d maybe try and deathrattle my way there!

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Welcome from Glasgow! Strong approach with the hillclimb. If there is one thing that we have all learned (I’m sure) from the Star Wars: Millennium Falcon school of engineering is that good machines will keep going regardless of damage and will run almost inexplicably on goodwill alone - you’ve just got to believe hard enough :slightly_smiling_face: - its certainly worked for me so far :grin:

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