New member from North Nottinghamshire

Hi All, just two weeks ago we (my other half and I) purchased our second MX5 so we are now the proud owners of a 1.8 NC PRHT. Although I have only just got around to posting this on the new members page I have been “scoping out” the web site and forum for the last week or so and have already had some dialogue with you, which was a great help when I changed the audio head unit, installing a new touch screen system, reversing camera and hard wiring a dash cam.

Hopefully I will be able to gain an insight into the world of the MX5 as thing progress.

PS she who must be obeyed has told me off for not mentioning our original MX5 a 2000 Mk2 affectionately known a Maisi.

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Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire (Near Rainworth) Hope you are both enjoying your NC PRHT, and who knows, Maisi might be around in these forums somewhere…!

Welcome to the fold. Enjoy your newest acquisition :+1:

Hello and welcome from Essex :+1: