New member from outside stirling hi

Looked more at those wheels, big fan…

Been wanting a nice set of bronze wheels :purple_heart: will have to have a good sit down and see what wheels I want, I’m fine with rolling and pulling the arches but I’ve got an early set of waspworks rear wings and I’d rather not for them because the shells nice, there’s no point in filling full of self tappers :joy:

Have you checked out their weight? Don’t want to “Teach Grannie to suck eggs” but Mk1’s in particular seem sensitive to “excess” unsprung.

Rpf1s and ultras in 15" are both 4.9k I think (ultras definitely are, I’m 90% sure theyre the same as rpf1s) so really as light as i could go before buying some serious price volks or somethin

They’ll be nice and soft aswell which is why I keep the ultras for track wheels so they don’t turn into big 50 pences :joy:

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