New member from south suffolk!

Hi all,
Now I’m not who I say I am! my Mother Wendy will be on here but she doesn’t know that yet! I’ve just gone and brought with my father A Mazda mx5 Mk3 2007 2.0 sport
She doesn’t know I’ve made her a member to the Club nor does she know I have an mx5 sitting on the drive waiting for her :grin: her dream sport car!
Next post will be from Wendy!


Very nicely done, well played. :slightly_smiling_face:

You may be in the wrong section of the forum though, this is the north east midlands corner. A fair trek from south Suffolk. Obviously your mum would be made very welcome of she travels this far.

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What can I say I was speechless for once when this beauty came home! It was overwhelming for me as I had been following MX5’s for ages and never expected to drive one let alone own one I have named her Mollie and hope to meet up soon at the Manger near Bury St Edmunds

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