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Hi all… I trust everyone is or has enjoyed the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

Having looked at the MX-5 some years ago i really never took the plunge until we recently test drove a new 2.0 GT Sport, well i really didn’t expect it to be so good…

Our family has always had Jaguars & Range Rovers to which I’ve continued with. we were looking at a F Type offering but still way over priced

So i opted for a late 2018 2.0 Sport Nav+ with a Cobra system fitted plus a few other options that I’ve yet to get my head around … J (Photos to follow)

So i`m now looking forward to the summer months -


Welcome to the forums.
i look forward to seeing the pics of your lovely RF

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Many thanks… Unfortunately we didn’t opt for the RF

Cobra system :slight_smile: Nice! The exhaust system on ours was fitted by the previous owner. Got no idea what type it is. One thing is for sure. It works. It also sounds like the pace car from the Formula 1 when we go through tunnels - so certainly no complaints. I’m sure you’ll have plenty fun gunning it about with the Cobra rasping away at the back :wink:

Many thanks… the system has quad pipes fitted and really does sound nice… I must say these cars offer far better value for money… we wanted to add a two seater to our little collection but the F Type was really something else all together but really didn’t offer… anymore apart from points on one’s license… J

Quad outlets. Now you are teasing us! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I will post a photo shortly…

Unfortunately not the best captured moment

Those are SWEET!